What is Integrative Medicine?

The focus of Integrative Medicine is on natural, effective, less invasive and cost-effective mesaures whenever possible. Integrative Medicine emphasizes the role of the physician (practitioner)-patient relationship in the healing process.  It integrates allopathic (conventional),  alternative and complimentary therapies in facilitating the body’s own healing process.  Integrative medicine takes into account all factors that influence health including mind, body and spirit as well as community and the environmental factors within the community.  


“A True balance between work and life comes with the knowledge that your life activites are integrated not separated” Michael Thomas Sonnaburg

Integrative medicine recognizes that good medicine is based on good science, including  evidence based practice.  Integrative medicine is open to new paradigms.  Integrative medicine is not synomymous with complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM).  Integrative medicine incorporates the best complimentary/ alternative practices into the comprehensive treatment plans.  Recommendations are given by the practitioner and choices are made by the patient based on the understanding of the entire individual including the physical, emotional psychological spiritual and the environemental aspects influencing the individual.

In summary the principles of Integrative medicine include:

  • partnership between the patient and the practitioner in the healing process.
  • incoporating conventional (allopathic) and complimentary/alternative methods to facilitate the entire healing process including mind, body and spirit.
  • Recognizes that the body, mind and spirit are interrelated and inseperable entities.
  • Uses less invasive cost-effective measures whenever possible.

C&S Holistic Family Health as an Integrative Medicine Practice

In my practice I incorporate my traditional family practice with complementary medicine options focusing on your current needs, including the interplay of the mind, body and spirit.   I will discuss the scientific basis, effectiveness and safety of the recommended therapies. Therapeutic choices are selected that are most beneficial, safe, cost-effective and sustainable for you and your family.

My main focus is on educating and consulting you and your family on the best integrative choices for you in the continued journey to health and wellness.   An individual or family may come to seek my services for consultion on a particular concern or they may ask me to assume their role as a “primary care provider.” In any case, I am willing and happy to exchange medical information with other health care professionals that are involved in your care.