Success Stories

We were first introduced to Cherri through out chiropractor, as we were looking for a more balanced (less medicated) approach to healthcare for our two small sons.  When we first met Cherri, we felt relieved for the first time that we could truly be honest with a practitioner about out approach to health and parenting (whole foods and attachment parenting).  She provided us with balanced information regarding vaccines and preventive care, and we never felt judged or made to feel guilty because we were following our convictions on what we felt was best for our children.  During this time I had given little thought to my own health, but I began to feel something wasn’t quite right.  My first appointment with Cherri I honestly felt as though I poured my life story out to her! It was such a relief to discuss how I felt (exhausted, brain fog, overwhelmed).  I have never had a medical practitioner spend so much time LISTENING.  The mental relief I felt after that first appointment, along with the hope she had given me that we would figure things out, made me realize the burden I had been carrying.  Cherri patiently worked with me through blood tests, saliva tests and food testing, and she was able to diagnose thyroid, hormone, adrenal and food issues.  Along with the diagnoses, she could prescribe the proper supplements, and prescription medicine I needed.  It has been one year since the first blood test and I am not the same person.  Cherri provided gentle encouragement, guidance and hope, along with the proper medical/holistic approach that helped heal my body.  I have more energy, motivation and excitement about life that I’ve had in years.  When I reflect on how I felt last year and how I feel today, I am nearly overhwelmed with gratitiude to God for using Cherri to provide relief to my body.  The gift of health not only affects me, but those around me feel those benefits as well.  For me to have the energy and excitement to be a stay at home mom, is an amazing gift I can give my children.  To be healthy means that I can be more aware of the needs of those around me as I am no longer consumed with how exhausted or tired I am.

Thank you Cherri