Cherri About Me

 My Philosophy

My interest in Integrative Medicine started when I was a staff Nurse back in the 1980’s.  I noticed early on the differences in recovery between patients who incorporated “holistic practices” as opposed to those who did not.  I began to notice that those individuals who incorporated good nutrition, positive lifestyle practices such as regular exercise and stress reduction techniques were more vibrant! This is what I wanted to see in all my patients. Throughout the years I did more reading and my interest increased in various integrative approaches to maintaining health and wellness. 

The purchase of our farm in 2000 seemed to jump start the process.  I began asking myself  how I could combine both the natural simplicity of home life and the technology and progression of medicine into my practice to help families obtain and maintain wellness.  In 2011 I began my own practice and offered the “old fashioned” medicine of home visits, educating on the importance of nutrition and combining Integrative medical practices thus; C&S Holistic Family Health and Wellness was formed.

My philosophy of care is on the patient-practitioner relationship.  It encompasses a mutual approach to care, focusing on the mind, body, spirit connection.  In order to achieve health and wellness all three of these areas are integrated into everyone’s care.


I am a board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner since 1998, and  I have been incorporating Integrative approaches into my care ever since.

  • I graduated from Alverno College in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. 
  • In 1998 I completed my Masters of Science in Nursing from UW Oshkosh the Family Nurse Practitioner program. 
  •  I completed my Herbal Certificate from Dr. Tierona Low Dog through the University of Arizona in 2002 
  • I am certified as a  Holistic Stress Management Instructor through “Inspiration Unlimited” by Dr. Brian Luke Seaward.  
  • In 2010 I became Board Certified as an Advanced Holistic Nurse through the American Holistic Nurses Association.  
  • In 2012 I completed my Clinical Homeopathy through CEDH. 
  • Most recently  I have completed the “Applying Functional Medicine to Clinical Practice” through the Institute of Functional Medicine in September of 2013.

As a Family Nurse Practitioner I am a member of the;

  • American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
  • American Holistic Nurses Association
  • Institute of Functional Medicine

On a personal note 

I live with my husband Gary and two sons Christopher and Colin.  We own a 40 acre hobby farm.  We raise organically fed free range chickens and turkeys.  Gardening and growing organic fresh produce is a passion of mine including canning and dehydrating foods.  I am also an avid outdoor enthusiast enjoying, gardening, hiking, water skiing snowshoeing and XC skiing in my spare time.